*Payment Confirmation

Using the client auto signup form below, please select your chosen plan: enter your name, email address, and phone number to have the credit repair contract and disclosures email to you right away. Once you’ve received the email, you will be required to fill out the following disclosures and upload a copy of your picture ID, social security card, and one additional proof of residency such as a utility bill, bank statement, etc. These documents are required by the credit bureaus to process disputes on your behalf. Please Complete the Following Steps: 1. Choose your service from the drop down on the client auto signup form 2. Check email for all credit repair and consumer disclosures 3. Fill in your personal information 4. Enter your credit monitoring credentials 5. Complete credit card authorization form 6. Upload all required documents

After signing the contract, you will have the options to download and save a copy of the full completed contract for your records. Also keep in mind that we are start any work on your file if we do not receive the signed and completed contract along with required documents from you. Your file will be put on hold until we can properly access all completed contracts and uploaded documents.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact by email at admin@perfect700club.com. Be sure to leave a contact phone number should we need to reach you directly.

Thank you for being apart of the Perfect 700 Club family. We look forward to assisting you.


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